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Decoration Rules by Location

Mount Carmel Cemetery
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Our Lady of Hope Cemetery
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St. Joseph Cemetery
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Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
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During the period March 1st to September 30:
Fresh Cut Flowers:
Two cones per space
Planted Flower Beds
10” Wide x 24” Long
Maximum bed per space

Spring & Fall clean up
March 1st (Spring) & October 1st (Fall) clean up all floral tributes will be removed and disposed of by the cemetery staff.
If you wish to keep your tribute, please remove all items prior to the clean up dates.  Tributes remaining after March 1st and October 1st will be disposed of.

Holiday Clean up
All holiday themed tributes will be removed one week following a holiday.
(Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving)

Seasonal floral tributes are encouraged.
March 1st and October 1st Seasonal floral tributes will be removed and disposed of.
Unsightly floral arrangements will be removed. Glue in vases is prohibited.  
Please do not affix any item to the crypt fronts to prevent damage to the stone.

November 1 to February 28 Grave blankets and wreaths are permitted.
Wreaths (24” diameter recommended)
The cemetery is not responsible for replacing or monetarily reimbursing anyone for damaged wreaths or grave blankets.
All grave blankets and wreaths must be removed by the last day of February. The cemetery will not hold or save any grave blanket or wreath.
When conducting burials, cemetery personnel will make every effort to  
minimize the damage to grave blankets and wreaths.

Shrubs, bushes and trees must be kept trimmed by the family so they do not obstruct mausoleums or monuments or infringe onto other lots.  Unkempt shrubs, bushes and trees will be trimmed or removed by cemetery personnel at owner’s expense. The cemetery will not be responsible for the replacement of any shrubs, bushes and trees that are removed.

All landscaping designs must have prior approval from the Director of Cemeteries.
Landscaping must not infringe into other lots unless owned  by the same lot holder.
All plantings (shrubs, trees and flowers) must have prior approval from the Director of Cemeteries.  Only dwarf shrubs are permitted.
The cemetery cannot be responsible for damage or loss of any plantings, flowers or wreaths by any cause.
Care and maintenance of plantings are the responsibility of the lot holder unless purchased from the cemetery.
It is highly discouraged that vases or other accessories be glued to monuments.  The cemetery is not responsible for any damage of vases or accessories glued to monuments by any cause.

Visiting Hours:
March 15 - October 15
8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
October 16 - March 14
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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