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Raymond Wojnowski
June 15, 1930 - September 27, 2017

Raymond Carl Wojnowski. Age 87 of Southgate.

Beloved husband of Delores Wojnowski. Loving father of Pamela (Jim) Pomeraning, Gregory Wojnowski and Glenn Wojnowski. Dearest grandfather of Jennifer (Evan Chopp) Pomeraning and Eric Wojnowski. Great grandfather of Ava Chopp. Also survived by brother in-law Edward Sikora, Sisters in-law Marlene Wilk and Lucille Wojnowski.


Some would say surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent. I would definitely argue being a grandchild is the most satisfying. I have had the honor and pleasure of being a grandchild to Raymond. Grandpa was one of the most fun, loving, happy grandparents a kid could ever want. He was the Grandpa that would let me play with the delicate ornaments from the Christmas tree that I thought were dolls. He would play with one girl and I would play with the other, and he would even speak in his “doll voice” every time. He was the Grandpa that would be the first one to go swimming and the last one to get out, always making sure you felt like you got enough swim time in. He was the Grandpa that would run out of the car when arriving at the lake, almost leaving the car door open because he was so excited to get to the beach. He was the Grandpa with the loudest, best belly laugh anyone could ever have. You couldn’t help not to laugh when he was around. He was the Grandpa that barked in Lake Michigan. You knew Grandpa had arrived when you heard that sound coming from the lake! He was the Grandpa that found hobbies that included his family, like working on his beloved truck or fixing things or making wooden items like a ring holder or a Michigan stool. He was the Grandpa that came to recitals and school events and always proudly wore the sweatshirt I got for him stating he is the “World’s Greatest Grandpa.” He was the Grandpa that played jokes on people and just loved laughing. Whether it involved banana splits or dog food or hoses or attaching a rope to a finger to whoppee cushions, it was always a great time! He was the Grandpa that honked his car horn and waved out the window as he drove away ALL the way up the street and beyond. He was the Grandpa that couldn’t speak to me after his stroke. And even though he couldn’t speak, he was the Grandpa that always communicated his love. He was the Grandpa that had the same love for my daughter, Ava and he communicated that love to her. He was the Grandpa that always cared so much.

Grandpa lived a simple, great life that revolved around working hard and taking care of his family. I wish so much that I could bottle up his laugh and hear it whenever I needed. Thank you Grandpa for teaching me to enjoy the little things in life and to always keep my family first. I love you and miss you so much.

-Jennifer Chopp

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