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Janay Pantaoya
December 8, 1970 – February 26, 2018

Janay Marie Pantoya, Age 47 of Lincoln Park.

Beloved daughter of Patricia and Lawrence Drouillard. Dearest sister of Tara Ann Drouillard and Lawrence Patrick Drouillard. Dear aunt of nephew, Jessie Gonzalez. Also survived by aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends. Memorials appreciated to Michigan Humane Society, 30300 Telegraph Road, Suite 220, Bingham Farms, MI 48025.


Our Dear Janay

Janay was born on Dec. 8,1970. She weighed only 5lbs. 5oz. And was cute as could be. Her godfather was my brother Rick. They kept in touch on facebook since he moved to Nebraska. He would always remember Janay on her birthday and Christmas and send her a gift every year, even as an adult. She was our only child for 4 years, and I loved taking care of her. Then she became the big sister of Tara. But she acted more like a little mom. And acted the same with her brother Larry after he came along five years after Tara.

She took piano lessons when she was about ten years old. Then learned to play the clarinet and was in the high school marching band. She enjoyed going out with her friends, went to homecoming dances and her senior prom. After high school she took some courses at Henry Ford Community College and Dorsey. She started out in communications and was a DJ at the Henry Ford College radio station for a short time. Then she worked downtown for a law firm and finally for the Wayne County Probate Courts, with other jobs in between. She was married for a few years but then divorced. Didn’t have any children but was a wonderful aunt to her nephew Jessie, who called her Tia, along with the other neighborhood children.

Janay loved dogs. We had a border collie mix when the kids were growing up. She had a lab and a golden retriever later on. And a few years ago bought a beagle. She enjoyed music from the Monkees to Bocelli. And of course when facebook and the mobile phones came along she got into that too. Janay liked all those animated holiday shows, Rudolph, Charlie Brown, and all the others. She was also a Flintstone fan. We would tease her that her laugh sounded like Betty Rubbles.

She met a really nice guy and they became great friends. They went to Vegas, which she really enjoyed and was hoping to go back again someday. He would visit her throughout her many stays in the hospital. He would make her laugh and it would help her forget her problems. Thanks Wally, from the bottom of our hearts.

Janay and I enjoyed doing things together, movies, craft fairs and of course shopping. When she was working she would come over every Saturday and when we felt like some enchiladas she would help me make them. And even sometimes she would stop by after work for dinner.

Janay and her dad had the same sense of humor and would make each other laugh. They enjoyed watching the Red Wings games on TV together. The 3 of us got a chance to go to a game, along with her cousin Chad. She even named one of her dogs Draper, after one of the players.

Janay and Tara shared a room when growing up. They got along, most of the time. There was once when they were arguing quite loudly and Larry had to break it up, for he had to work early the next day. Tara loved to tease Janay. Janay didn’t like clowns and Tara would send pictures of them to her on facebook.

But I know they loved each other. Janay and her brother Larry enjoyed going to plays and concerts together. Especially TSO, Trans Siberian Orchestra, for a few years during Christmas time at the Palace. In recent years he took on the role of being the older brother and was there for her whenever she needed him.

The past few years were rough for Janay. She lost sight in her right eye, had skin cancer on her face and then the heart failure in June of last year, with kidney problems and very painful ulcers on her legs. She once said,”I just want to be healthy again.” So now my dear Janay, we hope you are.

My dad passed away in 1969, before any of his grandkids were born. I remember laying in bed one night after Janay was born, we were living with Larry’s parents at the time.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and no one was there. I was a little frightened. But later I thought, I know who it was, my dad. He was letting me know he was here. Janay was his first grandchild of his 3 daughters.

So now Janay, I hope you get to meet him. I know you’ll really like him and he’ll love you too. I’m sure you’re also with your other grandparents, Ron and Norma and Aunt Linda. Also, my mom and Aunt Anita, and many other wonderful relatives. But I know your dad and I will miss you for the rest of our lives and Tara and Larry. And I know Jessie will always remember you with love.

With All Our Love,
Mom and Dad

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